Maths mastery in The early years!

What’s the best way to learn addition and subtraction other than with real life objects?! My class have really enjoyed adding pieces of fruit, comparing and sorting different sized buttons, counting magic beans and even different shaped pasta!l this year. Counting real life objects is a must in the early years before moving into abstractContinue reading “Maths mastery in The early years!”


Jack and the beanstalk!

We’ve had a long term – (perhaps a little too long) of looking at the book Jack and the Beanstalk. This has brought so much awe and wonder to the children. First they found footprints, a giant shirt and giant boots! What are these? Who do they belong to? Why are they here? Later onContinue reading “Jack and the beanstalk!”

The importance of play in the early years!

As a trained nursery nurse and an early years specialised teacher I have strong views on child development and the best ways that children learn. But I’m so shocked to see the views of many reception teachers that believe in formal type teaching for 4 year olds! I think learning can be created in aContinue reading “The importance of play in the early years!”