Can I go and play now?!

If you are a teacher within the Early Years or KS1, there must have been a time when you have called a child to the table to complete some work with you and they have replied with – can I go and play now? I was lucky enough to meet the amazing author, Greg Bottrill,Continue reading “Can I go and play now?!”

The three little pigs!

I recently planned a lesson of the three little pigs – with a twist! I started off by using a story map to recap the events of the three little pigs… Here is my lovely art work of course 🙈😂. I think showed the children a letter which we read together. It was from theContinue reading “The three little pigs!”

Read Write Inc – The Pros & Cons

I have been teaching Read Write Inc for the last 3 years now, so below is a review based on my personal opinion of the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ or the scheme. The Pro’s I think read write inc is a great scheme. I have witnessed children making rapid progress in the sessions due to theContinue reading “Read Write Inc – The Pros & Cons”

This week I got my wand out .. and waved get over it!

Teaching for me is such an amazing job! I honestly go to work bursting with energy ready to make a difference for the children. This week has been a rollercoaster from a range of curriculum demands… to actual magical moment of a struggling learner grasping and independently completing a task in Maths! What a rollerContinue reading “This week I got my wand out .. and waved get over it!”


As previously mentioned on my last blog post, I am trying to engage parents in reading with their children more. I have started to invite parents in on Monday mornings to listen to their child read for 10-15 minutes. This has already started off great and children were really motivated when their parents were satContinue reading “Reading!!”

Getting children reading …

Getting children to read has been a great debate for many years. There has been so many researchers that have tried and claimed to know how to help children learn to read. To me, a child’s love of reading and a child’s first educator -their parents have a significant influence on a child’s reading development.Continue reading “Getting children reading …”