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Classroom and Teaching Resources!

After a few weeks back at school, its almost like summer has been forgotten and I cant remember lazying about in my pajamas watching netflix! The school year has started and we are all busy settling children into new rules and routines.

I am so excited for the year ahead. Watching my class grow and learn will certainly make me proud.

I had a summer panic when I saw lots of ‘pinterest’ ready classrooms on twitter ready for the school year, especially because I was changing school and didn’t have one thing prepared!

But I have managed to set up my classroom with a great help from resources supplied by twinkl. Twinkl has over500,000 resources, from classroom display titles and labels. To activities.

As I am teaching jolly phonics this year, I used twinkl to create my display of sounds.




twinkl also has a twinkl create section, so you can use templates to create your own resources such as word mats, labels, posters, bunting and more!

I am looking forward to creating new wordmats linked to a range of stories I will be teaching. These can be added to mark making areas etc! There will be more pictures coming soon…


The life of me

The life of An Early Years Classroom

I started my new chapter in a new school. New faces, new places and new year group! But my face may of looked a little bit like a shock horror when I walked through the gates to see a huge building site sitting in what was before the huge Reception classroom area!

I wondered how I was going to transform dusty blank walls and a few tables and chairs into a welcoming classroom for new pupils to walk into tomorrow… but of course I am pretty resilient and an hour in I was stuck in with moving furniture around. My brain filled with ideas and I began to forget about how panicked I was!

The staff are so welcoming which is great and my class are learning the rules and routines. It is definitely like hurding sheep in the first few weeks. Making a line and walking to lunch took 20 minutes but we will get there!

I have been inspired by many teachers on both Pinterest and Facebook this year as soo many ideas have been shared for early years classrooms. And I have created a classroom based on the children’s photographs and work rather than spending hours on a display made by and only appreciated by the teacher that put it up.

At the moment I only have half of my classroom as there is still a lot of building work going on…but I have made the most of as many areas of provision as possible and the outdoors is a huge space with a range of amazing learning to be fulfilled!

The children love the challenge area that’s displayed along some table tops:

here are some of my displays too!

Our displays are designed as working walls. As soon as children complete the work- hang it up for them to be proud of instead of spending a million years backing it all… Less workload too!

How are we all settling into the school life again?


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Ready for Autumn?

I love a good clear out and a tidy of the office before i’m back to long days and nights. Being in my final year of my MA in Education this year and starting a new year group and job – I know I will need to work super hard! But I always love a challenge. So  I thought I would start to prepare my mind today by having a deep clean and clutter in the office!

I love having a space to work, a quite place that is pretty relaxing too!


So whilst clearing out and making everything super tidy.. I stumbled across some cute baby socks and items! During University I sold a range of baby items on my own baby website and I have a small amount of stock left.

I have decided to sell these on ebay for around £1 each as it is currently listed for £3.49 for 3 socks – you can pick your own design and free delivery. So any mummy bloggers fancy a cute bargain take a look!






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How to survive your NQT year!

I thought I’d do a survival blog posts for any upcoming NQTs that are feeling a bit nervous at the moment for the year to come!

First of all I remember my NQT year like it was yesterday! I lost loads of weight, I was completely exhausted, I felt like I lived in a little teaching bubble as all that I could think of is work and I had days where I just cried!


I come out stronger, inspired and so excited to not only start my second year but to start my masters too!

So here are some top tips that got me through the year. Hopefully it will help some of you NQTs.

1. Find something you enjoy and do it every week! Something to help you switch off. I loved going to the gym so that got me through my year for sure. Such a great stress relief without thinking of anything.

2. Book a holiday or short break every half term! This really kept me going as it was something to look forward to!

3. Never bring marking home. Just don’t bring any books home no matter what. Make sure you mark in school you will feel so much better!!

4. Go to that staff room at lunch time! Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Talking to others and getting out of the room your in all day will make you feel better for sure.

5. Let go of the workload. Priorities what you need to get done straight away and leave the bits you don’t need to to urgently for another time. I’d always spend Saturday meeting friends, family and shopping and Sunday for a FEW hours only I’d take out some time to do planning.

6. Share the workload with your colleague. You can’t do it all so team work is key!

7. The holidays are your holidays so again don’t spend more than a day doing work in any of them to! The more refreshed you are the better.

8. Enjoy it, enjoy the moments you have with your class and the laughs and memories that can be made too.

I hope this helps some NQTS out there. Any more top tips? Feel free to comment.


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The Alchemist

I recently started to read this book and I’ve really become glued to it! I can relate to parts of it so much and it really gave me some inspiration to keep going and keep progressing.

After graduating and getting the job I really wanted at a lovely school, it’s easy to just stop there. Get comfortable, I know I can teacher year 1 well, I enjoy talking to my work colleagues and I am starting to balance the work life balance. So that’s fine let’s keep doing the same thing right? Then 20 years go by like a flash…

But this book made me realise. I shouldn’t sit still, I shouldn’t continue to do the same thing year after year. I needed to continue to take risks and progress to get to my end career goal. Hopefully my end career goal will unfold if you continue to read my blog posts over time!

So instead of sitting back, this book made me realise – go for it. Take a risk. Achieve your next step. After all if it all goes wrong you can go back? Back to the life you were living!

So here’s to September. I can’t say the grass is always greener but I know that it will help me to progress professionally and help my dreams grow in the direction I am dreaming of.

Follow your dreams

I also really believe that things happen for a reason. My first school has helped me to develop my skills so much. Ive come out with a great passion of Singapore Maths methods of teaching which has lead me to fulfil a masters degree which I am on the way to completion of too! My next school brings more hope and excitement as I shape the life of children in a new year group. A new exciting chapter and this book has actually helped me to realise.. my next challenge is moving towards my dreams!

Do you think everything happens for a reason?

This book really is a must read.


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And relax…

I think it’s so important for teachers to wind down in the holidays and relax without thinking of school.

This time last year I was laid on a beautiful beach in Jamaica and then I explored New York City for 3 weeks. That meant I went back to work feeling refreshed and ready to put energy into a new year.

This year has been less ambitious! I have spent a lot of time relaxing locally and going on weekend or day trips. But still no SCHOOL work has been done yet – and it shouldn’t need to be either!!

The workload is always there, so why start now?!

I think 6 weeks off should literally mean 6 weeks off! It’s definitely not sustainable to work 24/7 so if your currently planning and making resources stop! Enjoy your free time while you can because the next 10 months will be full of work☺️.

I recently visited London and attended a spa hotel for a few nights which was great for relaxing and sightseeing.

I also love music and concerts so I enjoyed going to see Sean Paul last night in concert!

Do the things you love whilst you can.


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The magic of 10 frames!

10 frames are a great resource for children gaining an understanding of number. I have used 10 frames in a range of ways and I plan on using them when I start my new role as a Reception teacher in September.

The pictures used for this blog have been taken from pinterest but I am also going to create my own for future blogs!


10 frames can encourage children’s understanding of numbers. For instance children can complete 10 frames by matching the right amount to a digit.


I have completed this activity with children placing counters on or even finger painting the right amount on. Children could place stickers or glue something onto the 10 frames too.


10 frames can help children build up their number sense and identify number bonds.



Children could roll a dice and place the amount on a 10 frame. For instance after rolling 5, 5 counters are placed on the 10 frame children could find the missing amount using a different colour counter to reach 10.

5 and 5 make 10.

4 and 6 make 10 and so on!


10 frames are great for introducing addition.

1-- fames



I also love using egg boxes as 10 frames and natural objects such as conkers to count with in autumn.

Give 10 frames a try at home or at school!

What are your thoughts?