A trip to the Arctic!

After the festive season it’s time to get back into the workload! The hardest part of this half term for me is getting out of bed when it is sooo dark outside! But I do feel charged and ready to give my class the best learning experiences possible!

So what else could be done apart from flying to the Arctic?

My class made their passports on the first day back and then we were ready to board a plane in the afternoon! We were sat in the hall with the chairs set out like an aeroplane – pilot and air hostess’s at the ready as we watched a Thomas cook safety video on the hall screen and got ready to fly to the Arctic!

After getting off the aeroplane the children’s eyes lit up with joy as they entered the classroom that was full of ice and covered in fake snow and Arctic animals!

It was great to see the children making snow angels, exploring and skipping in the ice and just dancing with joy!

To warm us up we drank hot chocolate and watched a video all about the Arctic.

That day I must have had about 5 minutes for lunch and I was truly exhausted with a pretty messy classroom… but one thing that made me think it was all worth it was a child that came up to me at the end and said ‘wow Miss Pinnock, you did all this for us?’

It’s the experiences in teaching that really lights up your day!

Happy 2018! Let’s make it one full of rich learning experiences for all children!☺️☺️


Arrrg Pirates!

Last year I taught a new theme for the beginning of year one, pirates!! We turned the role play area into a pirate ship and I put lots of eye patches, stripey clothes and treasure inside. I have to say the children absolutely loved it.

The pirate theme was linked to a book called a new home for Jed. The children also made their own houses using junk materials and we linked it to their locality too.



At first I wondered how worthwhile a pirate theme would be, but I was surprised with how much we managed to get out of it.

Children were eager to read pirate stories, dress up and we also created amazing pirate face self portraits too! I changed my maths area to gold coins for number recognition too!



I recommend that you give it a try sometime!

Feel free to comment your thoughts, they are much appreciated!


Sir John Jones – The Magic Weaving Business

This book is AMAZING. It brings me back to my first year of teaching. I got a job as a teacher quite early on in my last year of University. The feeling of receiving a call back saying congratulations we would like to offer you the job was the most amazing joy yet!

My very first training day was at a Spa hotel and it was filled with cute Easter Eggs on each table with a seating plan. This day allowed me to meet all of the staff old and new. The head teacher invited everyone to the training day from catering staff to the care taker. I thought it was such a good school ethos. Anyway… there in front of us was the man himself – Sir John Jones.IMG_5793

He filled the room with laughter, tears, motivation and the love and passion of being a teacher. His stories were amazing and I was honored to be given a signed copy of his book afterwards.  He describes teaching as a magic weaving business,  I particularly like his point of how children forget what teachers make them think but always remember how they have made them feel.


If you haven’t read his book yet I really recommend that you do! There are too many great parts, I could talk about it forever.

Here are a few of his videos / links below too!

Sir John Jones

In this video he describes how children being happy increase there engagement. Its all about the emotional experience.


Please add your thoughts below!

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Christmas at MissPinnocks!

After a super busy term and the weeks flying by like always, it’s always good to sit back, reflect and relax!!! I must say today is the day that I actually feel human again! My friends from university came over (also teachers too) and we had the best catch up and lots of Xmas dinner and mulled wine!

It is an anual celebration of mine, pulling crackers and taking Xmas photo booth snaps! Who would say no?

I think having a work life balance is super important in the life of being a teacher.  I placed my folders and books in my office and dedicated my day too eating way too much and laughing like crazy!

Make sure you also have a great rest and remember to enjoy the company of friends and family.

Have a lovely Christmas!!!!




First blog post!


Hey guys,

I have created a new blog all about education and the dramas of being a Primary School Teacher in England! I am in my third year of teaching and I am on my way to completing an MA in Education too (which will certainly be an accomplishment!). I feel that I have so much different views and experiences to share and hopefully make teachers around the world keep their passion in teaching and have a giggle or too from my blog along the way!

Thank you for viewing!