Teaching Math’s Mastery -An honest review of MNP

I have been teaching Maths Mastery using a Maths No Problem Scheme for 3 years – so here is my honest review of the approach! The key emphasis of Maths Mastery is based on theorists such as Jerome Bruner and Vgotsky. Maths mastery heavily relies on children grasping understanding in maths through the Concrete, PictorialContinue reading “Teaching Math’s Mastery -An honest review of MNP”

Experience is everything!

As children approach 2 years old, their understanding of language and speech becomes clearer! Children begin to repeat language they hear in order to understand and retain new words. That’s why experience is everything! It has been noted that children are coming into school with a reduced knowledge of language. This may be due toContinue reading “Experience is everything!”

Children’s language development

As I will start a new year group as a Reception teacher I decided to have a read of this book to refresh my mind and gain new ideas! I already knew how important children’s language development is but this book really emphasised the difference between children’s language development went starting school! By the ageContinue reading “Children’s language development”

Alison Philipson – Spelling

I was amazed by the ideas I received from Alison Phillipsons writing session and I recently had the opportunity to learn more with a focus of spelling. Alison Phillipsons spelling ideas have really brought enjoyment to my class! My class love this simple phonics game! First of all I pick out some sounds for themContinue reading “Alison Philipson – Spelling”

The evidence of success!

I have been researching about action research as part of my MA in Education recently and I decided to take on some action research after coming across the problem of children not being secure with their phonics sounds despite daily phonics sessions. So after shear frustration disappointment in myself after feeling like iv let downContinue reading “The evidence of success!”

What really makes young children happy!

Have you ever been frustrated after buying a young child an expensive toy with a million fancy buttons but really all they are interested in is the box? Haha! Young children really don’t need a million fancy musical toys to learn and enjoy, it’s the simplistic of things that really engage them and develop theirContinue reading “What really makes young children happy!”

Read Write Inc – The Pros & Cons

I have been teaching Read Write Inc for the last 3 years now, so below is a review based on my personal opinion of the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ or the scheme. The Pro’s I think read write inc is a great scheme. I have witnessed children making rapid progress in the sessions due to theContinue reading “Read Write Inc – The Pros & Cons”

You can get it if you really want!

Whilst teaching my class about people who help us and discussing the motivation and history of Florence Nightingale, I also taught my class a song for motivation. Jimmy cliff… you can get it if you really want! The children really enjoyed listening to a different genre of music and absolutely love singing it now. IContinue reading “You can get it if you really want!”