Displays and working walls

I like to start the year with a blank canvas so that children can take ownership of displays as I think they are more meaningful than just covering the walls with information. This year I have created a learning journey. I have previously done this and it contributed to documenting the children’s progress throughout theContinue reading “Displays and working walls”

“Let children be pilots in their own play..”

This year I have embedded loose parts in most areas of my Reception class. I really believe that creativity is key for children’s future success. Without any prompts my nephew used crates and tyres to make his own car. He found a book about cars and sat inside trying to read it. Let children beContinue reading ““Let children be pilots in their own play..””

My new reception class in progress

After a strange year in year 1 I am back working in Reception! Although it’s an exciting journey, redesigning a classroom is hard work! I am so grateful for the hard work of both my amazing Mum and new teaching assistant! I had all of the images and ideas in my head but I knewContinue reading “My new reception class in progress”

Top tips for securing your first teaching job!

I have seen some really disheartened posts on Twitter lately linked to NQTs being unsuccessful during the interview process. Interviews are such a great learning curve and I’m a big believer of everything happens for a reason! So here’s my top 5 tips for securing your interview! 1. It all starts with a clear, excitingContinue reading “Top tips for securing your first teaching job!”

Chalk boards and areas of provision for Spring 2!

I am loving my new chalk boards from Amazon! I purchased them with chalk pens and they are great for adding questions and enhancing provision areas. The pens easily wipe off chalk board, glass and tables too. We are learning all about our body and the children have really enjoyed writing text messages to theirContinue reading “Chalk boards and areas of provision for Spring 2!”

Children are so creative! How I introduced a deconstructed role play area…

Have you ever started a role play area.. spent ages making it look all pretty, filled it with resources and predicted how children will love and use it?? But then when the children come along they just trash it, use the resources in different ways or they may not even take any notice of itContinue reading “Children are so creative! How I introduced a deconstructed role play area…”

A new year.. new goals.. new experiences… new opportunities!

I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year! Looking back to last year, I achieved some amazing goals. I completed my Masters in Education, I worked hard to achieve the accomplishment of teaching in a different school, I became Maths lead in the new school, and started to revive my classroom ideas to provideContinue reading “A new year.. new goals.. new experiences… new opportunities!”

Christmas crafts for 2 year olds

After spending Christmas Eve with my twin nieces they went home with lots to tell their mummy and daddy and lots of smiles and laughter too! I created some open ended play experiences along with some traditional Xmas activities too! I filled a tuff tray (one of their early Xmas presents) with play dough, baublesContinue reading “Christmas crafts for 2 year olds”