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Year 1 provision and lesson activities are displayed here. Some documents will also be downloadable too!

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Number bonds!

The children love this number bond to 10 song by Jack Hartman! Its a great way of developing an understanding of the part-whole model too.


Tricky words songs. These songs are catchy and are great for Reception or Year 1 children too! 

Number blocks! 

Developing number sense in the Early Years of a child’s life is essential. Number block episodes are a great way of consolidating learning. There are also interactive games children can play linked to different numbers too! A range of videos are available on BBC iplayer.


letter and number formation
Letter and Number formation activity

Number formation and letter formation. 

Do you have a classroom puppet? Try getting children to teach your puppet how to form letters and numbers correctly. It worked it a treat with my class, a simple but very effective activity!


Download here:

gertrude writing challenge



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