Whilst some schools might be preparing to go back I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit this half term!

It’s so important to sit back, relax and do something you love when your off. School life is so busy and it’s easy to get hung up on the bubble of planning, teaching and assessing constantly.

At some point over your Easter break I advise you to switch off and be you!

I am planning to book a short last minute break somewhere over Easter and also make sure I relax too.

Whilst I complete my masters degree in education, it is important for me to manage my time. I may take one or two mornings of my holiday to do my work but I’m not going to let it over power me.

Enjoy your Easter break!!


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4 thoughts on “And…..relax!

  1. If you need to do some work over the holidays make sure you don’t spend all your holiday doing work. It is your holiday too so take some time to do things you love.

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