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Let children struggle… it grows their brains!

As a teacher you can often watch a child struggling and automatically reach out to help them.

But I’ve learned that it’s extremely hard but much more valuable if you let them struggle!

Let children find new ways and problem solve. When allowing them to struggle children will feel proud to accomplish the goal. They will be confident to problem solve and approach new situations with confidence too.

It’s easy to give children too much scaffolding but struggle means they are learning.

I have started to promote struggle and mistakes in my class by valuing effort rather than ‘cleverness.’ The children now feel proud to see that more effort means more can be accomplished. After all it is a life skill!

There are some lovely mindset books that can be read with children across primary school too. Discussion around mindset and allowing your brain to grow is great for perseverance in subjects such as maths!

I can’t do it …yet!

Or wow your brain is growing keep trying! Works a treat.


6 thoughts on “Let children struggle… it grows their brains!

  1. Man it’s so hard to watch your own child struggling but wholeheartedly believe this. It goes with the idea that I want my daughter to think of herself as diligent and hardworking before she thinks of herself as smart. Being smart won’t get u very far if your not willing to bust your ass on the journey. Cool blog. I’ll be back a lot.

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  2. Very well said Sabrina, loved your blog. As a mother of preschoolers, I too feel the same. Every time my kids ask for help for any task I help them maybe once or twice but then I explain to them how important it is to try by themselves. When they complete the task on their own, they delightfully show off their success as you pointed out rightly. Thanks for the wonderful book list.

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    1. Thank you for a lovely comment! And aww that’s great yes show them a few times and then you never have to show them again as they are independently doing it! Haha. Looking forward to talking to you on my future blog posts!x


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