Every kid needs a champion

This week I went on some maths lead training and mindset was linked into the topic. They played the video by Rita on TedTalks and although I have watched it a few times before I would watch it again and again. It saddens me to see teachers who teach but don’t show love for theContinue reading “Every kid needs a champion”


Rainbow Factory Leeds – an honest school trip review!

My first school trip with my Reception class was to Rainbow Factory in Leeds. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect all though I was aware it linked to our story telling and tradition tales that we had been looking into that term. I hadn’t really heard of the place either but I was excitedContinue reading “Rainbow Factory Leeds – an honest school trip review!”

A new term!

As the Christmas decorations come down and we start to prepare to go back to work we may feel ready and refreshed. However, the children we go back to might have had a completely different experience of Christmas and the holiday period. Some children may have had an amazing time. Filled with family, laughter, presentsContinue reading “A new term!”