The little red hen!

This half term my class have enjoyed receiving bread from their teaching assistant.

Can we try some?

“No because you didn’t help me make it!”

My class have gone on a trip to Lidl and used technology to find out how to make their own bread.

The children have learnt the story of the little red hen and baked some delicious bread this week too!

This has linked into a range of areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum.

From communication and language, to reading and understanding the world.

Maths has also been included through measuring ingredients for the bread in groups and encouraging the language of heavy, light, empty and full.

In provision children have been independently retelling the story with the help of the little red hen.

They have also enjoyed a range of fine motor skills activities such as making play dough bread and rescuing the farm animals.

We will move onto orally retelling the story using pie corvette strategies and then children will write and recreate their own version too!

Creativity in the early years lenses itself to so much fun.


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