Ready for Autumn?

I love a good clear out and a tidy of the office before i’m back to long days and nights. Being in my final year of my MA in Education this year and starting a new year group and job – I know I will need to work super hard! But I always love aContinue reading “Ready for Autumn?”


The magic of 10 frames!

10 frames are a great resource for children gaining an understanding of number. I have used 10 frames in a range of ways and I plan on using them when I start my new role as a Reception teacher in September. The pictures used for this blog have been taken from pinterest but I am alsoContinue reading “The magic of 10 frames!”

Teaching Math’s Mastery -An honest review of MNP

I have been teaching Maths Mastery using a Maths No Problem Scheme for 3 years – so here is my honest review of the approach! The key emphasis of Maths Mastery is based on theorists such as Jerome Bruner and Vgotsky. Maths mastery heavily relies on children grasping understanding in maths through the Concrete, PictorialContinue reading “Teaching Math’s Mastery -An honest review of MNP”

Experience is everything!

As children approach 2 years old, their understanding of language and speech becomes clearer! Children begin to repeat language they hear in order to understand and retain new words. That’s why experience is everything! It has been noted that children are coming into school with a reduced knowledge of language. This may be due toContinue reading “Experience is everything!”

Children’s language development

As I will start a new year group as a Reception teacher I decided to have a read of this book to refresh my mind and gain new ideas! I already knew how important children’s language development is but this book really emphasised the difference between children’s language development went starting school! By the ageContinue reading “Children’s language development”