End of year fun!🎉

It’s always great to look back at the year with the pupils and really appreciate and celebrate their achievements! Although some pupils feel that they have struggled every pupil has achieved so much along the way and this needs to be acknowledged!

I gave out some cute bubbles to all the pupils in my class for ‘blowing me away’, with their hard work this year!

2D38105E-902F-4F7D-B702-CCA825F4DBFDI also used twinkl resources to award all children with something they have done well this year. From always bringing a bright smile to school, to being a super scientist there was a certificate that fit every child!


It  could be one to bookmark for  next year.


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5 thoughts on “End of year fun!🎉

      1. I wish you success. I always loved working with the little ones. It was such a privilege to share their learning journey with them, especially as they took their first steps. Let me know if you are interested in using the teaching resources on http://www.readilearn.com.au.

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