Alison Philipson – Spelling

I was amazed by the ideas I received from Alison Phillipsons writing session and I recently had the opportunity to learn more with a focus of spelling.

Alison Phillipsons spelling ideas have really brought enjoyment to my class! My class love this simple phonics game!

First of all I pick out some sounds for them to create words with. I usually focus on some sounds that they struggle with and some that will also challenge the advanced pupils.

Every child picks up a whiteboard and pen after lunch whilst I do the register. They then sit and write as many words as thecan using the words.

The amount children come up with is amazing!! It is so open ended and it fits right in with meeting the needs of all children!

Struggling learners spelt simple CVC words like sat, nap, fat and even nit! 😂🙈

Whilst advanced pupils spelt words like snake, phone, shape and fake.

You can easily add more sounds and reduced the sounds if necessary too! Give it a try it is great!


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