You can get it if you really want!

Whilst teaching my class about people who help us and discussing the motivation and history of Florence Nightingale, I also taught my class a song for motivation.

Jimmy cliff… you can get it if you really want!

The children really enjoyed listening to a different genre of music and absolutely love singing it now. I discussed the words with them too, I also play it in a morning whilst they complete their morning activity.

Music can bring so much joy, happiness and motivation for children. I think it’s a great way of lifting their spirits and giving them a love of learning!

Why not give it a try and see if it lifts the spirits in your classroom!

Please share your thoughts!


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One thought on “You can get it if you really want!

  1. I agree with you about music. I started every school day with singing, and we’d sing other times during the day as well. I used to love it when the children would break out into song when they were working. 🙂

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