This week I got my wand out .. and waved get over it!

Teaching for me is such an amazing job! I honestly go to work bursting with energy ready to make a difference for the children. This week has been a rollercoaster from a range of curriculum demands… to actual magical moment of a struggling learner grasping and independently completing a task in Maths! What a rollerContinue reading “This week I got my wand out .. and waved get over it!”

Children’s development Vs the curriculum

I love this quote. I love that each individual child is so unique and different inside and out. It’s strange that we have such a wealth of knowledge based on children and how they learn. Yet the curriculum leaves teachers with little time to explore topics and the pressure of getting children to ‘meeting’ ‘greaterContinue reading “Children’s development Vs the curriculum”

The reason why the workload isn’t a ‘big’ enough problem

Feeling super guilty as my promise of frequent blogging has slipped away a little bit, but life has taken over! I came across this picture on twitter and I just thought wow it really sums up the reasons as to why I keep going. Why I continue day in and day out to do myContinue reading “The reason why the workload isn’t a ‘big’ enough problem”

Early writing -AP Literacy part 2!

So I recently blogged about my passion and eagerness to get started with all the things I have learnt through the training with Alison Philipson. I feel like our ‘Theme’ subject in year one has had a great turn around. The children have formed simpler sentences and we have spent more time practising and creatingContinue reading “Early writing -AP Literacy part 2!”