Teachers as researchers?

teacherIts January and I’m back to my MA in Education. Some people might think it’s a crazy thing to do, rush to University after a long day at work in tea time traffic until 8pm. But actually it’s great! It’s great to sit, reflect and have a lot of laughs from teachers of a range of backgrounds.

I will soon be on my journey to fulfilling my dissertation which I will be excited to share at some point towards the end of next year! At the moment we have discussed teachers being a researcher.

In my first year of teaching, I could not even think of an available moment to research more. I was just trying to manage the teacher workload itself.  But now three years in, I absolutely love being aware of the teaching world and how to improve my own teaching or even others.

I know that there is a great debate of teachers being part of the research – or not. What are you views? Should teachers be researchers?

I’d love to hear! ☺️


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3 thoughts on “Teachers as researchers?

  1. I think every teacher is a researcher, in a way. Each day we try something with our students to see what works and what helps them learn. We adjust our teaching according the the feedback. It’s research in action.

    1. Yes I fully agree we sure do! And who knows best than the educators themselves? It’s a shame that there’s still this strong stigma of ‘teachers should just teach and leave the research to the ‘researchers.’ It’s amazing how many of the education publications have been swayed by what the government wants to hear rather than what teachers know and want in education! Let’s hope it will stop eventually.. Thanks for the post!

      1. Oh yes – what teachers know and want in education – funny how we do all those years training, then have people whose only experience of school is attending as a child make all the decisions!

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